Family Law: A Hands On Approach

When it comes to getting the job done right, Portlanders tend to take a hands on approach. Whether you need to save some money or prefer to be in the driver’s seat, Affordable Family Law of Oregon has just the right amount of legal help for your case.

The state of Oregon now allows attorneys to offer custom-tailored services to meet the individual needs of their clients. There are several different types of services that can be offered at an hourly or flat fee basis. The following is a comparison between advising and coaching:


This service is a popular choice for cases that are ongoing and contested, but do not involve domestic violence or volatility. In a coaching arrangement, the attorney gives legal advice and prepares court documents. Under this arrangement it is even possible for the attorney to prepare the client to go into court. Often attorneys will offer this service at a small monthly fee.


This service is similar to coaching but a bit more involved. In an advising arrangement, the client is charged a small retainer and billed hourly. The big different between advising and full representation is that the fees with advising are more in the control of the client because if finances get tight the attorney can stop work without any of the burden and cost of asking the court to withdraw from the case. Just like in coaching, there is no in court attorney time, all of the attorney work takes place away from the court.

Not every case fits into advising or coaching, starting a limited attorney-client relationship requires a careful analysis of your case. If you believe that advising or coaching may be a good fit for your case feel free to call Affordable Family Law at (503) 782-0535.