The Rights of Non-Custodial Parents

By Laura Fishman

Just because you do not have custody of your child, does not mean that you are no longer a parent. In Oregon, the non-custodial parent still has many of the same rights as the custodial parent when it comes to obtaining medical records and school records. Pursuant to ORS 107.154, both the non-custodial parent and the custodial parent have the following rights:

  1. To inspect and receive school records, and to consult with school staff concerning their children’s welfare and education.
  1. To inspect and receive governmental agency and law enforcement records concerning the children.
  1. To consult with any person who may provide care or treatment for the children and to inspect and receive their medical, dental and psychological records.
  1. To authorize emergency medical, dental, psychological, psychiatric or other health care for the children if the other parent is, for practical purposes, unavailable.
  1. To apply to be the children’s guardian ad litem, conservator, or both.

In addition to these rights, many non-custodial parents are very involved in their children’s lives if they are awarded a significant amount of parenting time. Many children grow up not even knowing which of their parents is the custodial parent. All they know is that they have two loving parents who are now separated, which is all that they need to know. More information about custody and parenting time can be found here.