What is an “Unbundled Service”?

As the cost of legal services continue to rise and the courts continue to cut costs, more and more people are demanding an alternative to the high cost of traditional legal services. Fortunately, the Oregon State Bar, understanding the need for access to justice, has adopted looser regulations in recent years. The Oregon State Bar is now allowing law firms to offer “unbundled” services such as coaching, mediation and document preparation.

Oregon Rule of Professional Conduct 1.2(b) allows an attorney to limit the scope of their services provided the client agrees to the limitation in writing and that the limitation can still benefit the client’s case. Not all cases, such as complex litigation or unique circumstances, would fit in an unbundled category. Furthermore, a client must sign a waiver, agreeing to the limited service.

Traditionally, attorneys could only take a case as “attorney of record”, making them responsible for every aspect of the case. Although having an attorney of record on any case is ideal, it is often very expensive and the final bill can be unpredictable. In cases that may qualify, unbundled services are strongly advised.

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