Working with a Lawyer Coach

As discussed in my other blog posts, limited-scope representation is expressly allowed by Oregon RPC 1.2(b), which provides: “A lawyer may limit the scope of the representation if the limitation is reasonable under the circumstances and the client gives informed consent.”

Before beginning a coaching relationship with an attorney, it must first be determined if it is reasonable for the attorney to help the client on a limited basis. Not every matter can be served by coaching, an ethical attorney will not take on a coaching client that she cannot effectively assist.

In almost every case, discovery, the free exchange of primary documents, is at the heart of determining the true facts of the case. In a limited scope arrangement, it is typical for the attorney to be limited from conducting direct discovery or any contact for that matter with the opposing party. A coaching attorney depends on representations made by her client.

It is imperative that the lawyer spend sufficient time to learn the essential facts and context of a client’s case. Nothing is more helpful in this endeavor than the openness and cooperation of the client. Without total cooperation the coaching process is impossible.

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