The Divorce Basics: The Decisions a Judge Makes in an Oregon Divorce Case

By Laura Fishman

We all know that a divorce ends a marriage, but many people may not realize what decisions a judge makes in a divorce case. Judges in Oregon have the authority to make decisions on a wide range of issues that may affect a family. Listed below are some of the most typical issues that a judge will decide in a dissolution case.

  • The date a marriage ends;
  • Who gets custody of the children and when you and the non-custodial parent will have parenting time with the children;
  • Who pays child support and how much;
  • Who will pay health insurance and medical bills for the children;
  • Who should pay past debts;
  • How property (including retirement benefits, family home, and any personal items) will be divided; and
  • Whether one spouse will pay spousal support (alimony) to the other.

The parties in a divorce case will often agree on some of these issues, but perhaps not all of these issues. In such cases, a judge will decide the issues that are being contested and the parties can put their agreements into the general judgment. Talk to an attorney to learn more about the issues that can be included in a judgment of dissolution.