Oregon Status Quo Orders – What You Need to Know

What do you do when you have filed a petition for custody and parenting time, but your case is still several months away? Your best option may be to file for a temporary order.

The Status Quo Order is one type of temporary order that a parent can receive while a case is pending. This process is authorized by ORS 107.097(2) for certain cases involving child custody issues. The Status Quo order prevents either parent from changing the children’s normal schedules, interfering with parenting time of the other parent, or changing the child’s usual place of residence. A Status Quo order becomes effective as soon as a judge signs the order.

Note that the Status Quo Order does not decide custody, nor does it decide which parent will be making major decisions on behalf of the child. The issues that a Status Quo Order may temporarily resolve are issues regarding parenting time, a child’s residence, a child’s schedule, and travel with the child.

Essentially, the Status Quo Order will take a child’s normal schedule and put that schedule into a court order. Normal schedule” means the children’s schedule for the three months before you file a request for a Status Quo Order. You can learn more about a Status Quo Order or about other types of temporary orders through the Oregon Judicial Department or by speaking with a family law attorney.