Pendente Lite Relief – How to Get Support Payments While Your Case Is Pending

So you have filed for divorce and your trial date is still months away; you may be wondering how you can receive temporary spousal support or temporary child support while you are waiting for that trial date to come. The answer can be summed up in just two words –Pendente Lite.

A person getting divorced could be missing out on thousands of dollars if he or she is not seeking temporary support payments that he or she may be entitled to. Pendente Lite—a Latin term for “pending the litigation”—allows the parties in a family law case to obtain temporary child support or temporary spousal support while their case is pending. The temporary support order will remain in effect until the final judgment is entered or until there is another order by the court. Obtaining a court order for temporary support is authorized under ORS 107.095.

Furthermore, an order for Pendente Lite relief may include more than a temporary award for spousal support or child support. Pendente Lite orders may also include provisions for suit money, temporary custody or parenting time, asset restraint, or temporary possession or control or real property or personal property.

More information about the requirements for Pendente Lite relief can be found through 107.095