Woman Pays For Divorce By Selling Wedding Dress on eBay

People across the world are finding creative ways to pay for the legal help they need in family law cases. A woman in England is now selling her wedding dress on eBay so that she can divorce her “cheating scumbag of a husband,” as she writes in the eBay listing.

According to the eBay post, this former bride purchased her designer Art Deco wedding dress in 2014 for £2000. The bid for this dress is currently at £65,700, has had over 70 bids and over 365 inquiries. That’s over $85,000 that she now has to help her with the cost of divorce.

When people need legal help, there are many creative solutions that people can find when it comes to paying for an attorney. Some people choose to sell items that are personal to them and considered non-marital property—such as a wedding dress or engagement ring. Others will ask family members for financial help or take out a loan from a bank to pay for a divorce. An attorney can also prepare a motion to ask for suit money from the opposing party, or an attorney can ask the court to order that the opposing party pay attorney fees after the case concludes.

Furthermore, there are many affordable options for people to get legal help in a family law case without getting full representation. Many people find it helpful to pay a flat fee or monthly fee so that they can receive regular legal consultations or can get any necessary documents reviewed or drafted. Others will hire an attorney to negotiate on their behalf so that a case can settle quickly. Many attorneys will also offer payment plan options so that fees can be paid over a longer period of time.